Leadership Excellence Workshops - Facilitated by Sudhakar I. Prabu

  • Leadership Presence & Influence
  • Leading People & Delivering Results
  • Leadership Thinking & Innovation
  • Leadership Team & Collaboration
Leadership Presence & Influence
It is impossible for anyone to become a great leader without being an effective communicator - the ability to exert an interpersonal influence. Communication impacts people - it inspires and   influences people to act - Sudhakar I. Prabu

Leadership Workshop: Leadership Presence and Influence

The ability to influence people, energize and inspire them, to strive willingly towards purposeful and mutually agreed goals, to do things that one ought to do, is what differentiates great leaders from the rest.

Leading People & Delivering Results
Leadership Thinking & Innovation
Leadership Team & Collaboration

Accelerating, Maximizing and Optimizing Organization Performance and Leadership Development are the two key focuses that binds together many different things i do as a Consultant, Coach, & Facilitator. This also clearly explains my professional focus and area of interest. 

Collaborating with Decision Makers & Stakeholders to build Smarter, Stronger, and Greater organization to achieve Top line and Bottom line performance and growth stimulates and challenges me as a professional.

If you want to know what what gets the best out of me, here it is: facilitating leadership excellence workshops as well as collaborate with leaders as leadership coach and executive coach. My signature leadership excellence workshop are: (1) Leadership Presence and Influence; (2) Leading people and Delivering Results; (3) Leadership Thinking and Innovation; (4) Leadership teams and Collaboration.

As a consultant I enjoy the credibility and appreciation for, as an accomplished consultant, who know the tricks and tools for accelerating, maximizing, & optimizing organizational performance and leadership development solutions.

It will be my pleasure to collaborate with you and explore new opportunities. You never know how can a simple conversation can get things started and small initiatives can unlock the potential you did not realize existed in yourself as a leader or in your organizations. I am ready, are you?


Lets Collaborate:

Leadership Coach

Leaders in modern organizations are required to perform in more cognitively and socially complex, uncertain, dynamic, political, technological, and global environments. Adapting result oriented and proven methods for developing leaders, I collaborate with organizations' leadership development programs to support the expanding needs of leaders at all levels. I use various delivery options like In-the-moment individual & team coaching, group coaching, coach mentoring, coaching - skills workshops - to support comprehensive change initiatives and achieve desired business impact as well as connect leaders and managers to their strengths for personal, team and organizational performance.

Performance Improvement Consultant

I bring on-board proven methods and process like HPI approach, Balanced Scorecard, Lean Six Sigma, to improve individual, process, department, and/or organizational performance through systematic analysis and targeted solutions that deliver business results, maximize the potential of client organization’s systems, processes, and people to achieve extraordinary results. Using systematic process of identifying and analyzing the root causes of performance issues, and implementing big picture solutions across an organization, deliver exceptional growth and measurable business results.

Learning and Development Strategist

Designing learning solutions that directly linked to client's business, and diligently implementing them in collaboration with client organization, to ensure the learning solution delivers intended outcomes and achieve organizational success, Use learning and development to empower employees, design and implementing learning solutions that give employees tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to perform at their highest level.

Leadership Development Consultant

Equipping leaders and developing strong leadership pipeline are critical factors for organizational success. I work with stakeholders to develop leadership development strategies based on client organization's current realities and informed view of the future, leadership culture, leadership bench strength forecasts, other key drivers and relevant factors that ensure successful outcomes. I also help organization develop leadership selection criteria, define collective leadership capabilities, and develop comprehensive leadership competencies.