Leadership Excellence Workshop:
Leadership Presence and Influence

2 Days Power Packed Workshop - Facilitated by Sudhakar I. Prabu


Establish, Sustain your Leadership Presence & Exert Influence to have an Effect, Affect Change

Gain Deeper Insights into your Top Talents that Guarantee Success


“It is impossible for anyone to become a great leader without being an effective communicator – the ability to exert an interpersonal influence. Communication impacts people – it inspires and influences people to act”.
Sudhakar I. Prabu
Consultant, Coach, Facilitator


Leadership Excellence requires, what differentiate great leaders from the rest is, the ability to influence people, energize and inspire people, challenge individuals to strive willingly towards purposeful and mutually agreed goals, mobilize and motivate people to do things which they ought to do, and bring people with diverse views and opinions to shared vision and understanding to accomplish goals.

During the workshop participants explore one’s versatility in communication styles; examine factors that help or hinder their influence; learn techniques and skills that will enhance effectiveness in persuasion, getting buy-in, negotiation, consensus building, and collaboration to get desirable outcomes; as well as understand ways to use influence process effectively, use combination of techniques to exert interpersonal influence, and avoid mistakes that will harm in the long run.


As a result of participating in this Leadership Excellence Workshop Participants Should be able to Demonstrate:


Use techniques, skills in influence process to have an effect, affect change:

  • Use right mix of influence strategies to have an effect, get appropriate response.
  • Successfully move people through the persuasion cycle to get buy-in.
  • Improve the stickiness and resonance, simplify message to make an impact.
  • Identify and remove barriers to communication, facilitate two-way communication.
  • Foster win-win climate, bring together people with diverse views and opinions to agreement.
  • Execute meaningful and coordinated communication strategy to achieve desired goals.


Build Trust and Credibility, Enlarge the Circle of Influence across 360 Degrees:

  • Regulate behaviors to meet situational demands and people needs.
  • Recognize and interpret subtle interpersonal cues within context.
  • Adjust approach and change attitudes – action logic – to be effective and successful.
  • Gain insight into what motivates people and communication styles of others.
  • Match communication styles to leadership style, sustain leadership presence.
  • Handle hostile communication situation effectively.

Topics Covered:

Leadership Presence  Negotiations
InfluenceSpeed Reading People  
Persuasion  Crucial Conversations
FacilitationCommunication Strategy

Who Should Attend this Leadership Excellence Workshop?

  • Entrepreneurs, Management Professionals, Sales Professionals.
  • Anyone who want to establish presence and exert influence to have an effect and affect change.

Event Calendar:

This Leadership Excellence Workshop is organized in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Fill this contact form to receive event calendar and other relevant details. 

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • Basics
  • Presence, Charisma, & Image
  • Persuasion, Negotiation & Getting Buy-in
  • Leadership & Communication
  • Resources

Preparation prior to the participation:
All participants must take Gallup Strengths Finder 2.0.

There is no specific preparation required to participate in the workshop, however, participants are encouraged to think through the challenges they face in their workplace that hinders leadership excllence and be prepared to present their success and challenges during the workshop when asked. 

Participants permitted per workshop:

The workshop is designed for an ideal group of 20 participants. The group process and interactions are structured to engage participants in introspecting, thought provoking interactions, practical work through group activities to learn leadership; hence the group size is restricted to 20. Participants will be admitted on the first come first serve basis.

Eligibility criteria for participation:

There is no eligibility criteria for participation, however the organizers reserves the right to refuse admission. All participants must take participant learning expectation survey. An email will be sent to all confirmed participants 4 working days prior to the commencement of the workshop.



Substitute or transfer to an upcoming workshop may be considered only within the fiscal year ending 31st March. 


Refund after deducting service tax, shall be made upon a written request 10 days prior to the program. No  refund will be made there after. 


In case of cancellation of the program by the organizer for whatsoever reason, the maximum cumulative liability cannot exceed the monies received by the organizer.

Presence, Charisma, & Image
Persuasion, Negotiation & Getting Buy-in
Leadership & Communication