Leadership Excellence Workshop:
Leading People and Delivering Results

2 Days Power Packed Workshop - Facilitated by Sudhakar I. Prabu


Work through people effectively, close the execution gap, and Deliver exceptional results consistently.


“When people sense their leader cares, encourages their development, facilitates self-actualization, provides them stimulating workplace;  people respond with better performance. Strategy, Product, Technology can put you in a competitive map, only excellent people management and solid execution can keep you there”.
Sudhakar I. Prabu
Consultant, Coach, Facilitator


Translating strategy into results is difficult, but that’s what delivers financial returns. One of the most effective ways to get things done is to lead people, bring out the collective excellence, and work through people effectively.

During the workshop participants are taken through self-discovery of how their behaviors, communication, attitude, and approach affects people’s performance as well as identify and bring together various enabling factors  to create synergy that foster exceptional performance and deliver promised results consistently.


As a result of participating in this Leadership Excellence Workshop Participants Should be able to Demonstrate:


Create Breakthrough, Accelerate performance, and Deliver Promised Results:

  • Use behaviors & communication effectively to get the best out of every employee and achieve organizational objectives.
  • Channelize and unleash people’s potential and promise into actual performance to achieve greater good.
  • Identify and remove performance barriers to facilitate performance forward.
  • Drive continues improvement and peak performance through engaging people at the front line.
  • Engage people to increase job satisfaction and increased productivity.


Seamlessly Execute Strategy Through People:

  • Close idea or strategy to execution gap through effective people management.
  • Create stimulating workplace that motivates people to excel and actively contribute.
  • Institutionalize accountability with entrepreneurial mindset to build workplace that gets things done.
  • Build culture of resolve, resilience, and discipline to deliver exceptional results collectively and consistently.
  • Create synergy among drivers and enablers to accelerate collective performance.

Topics Covered:

Positive Psychology
MotivationStrategy Execution
Attitude & WillHigh Performance Culture
Emotional IntelligenceLeading Breakthroug

Who Should Attend this Leadership Excellence Workshop?

  • Business Owners, Management Professionals, HI-POtentials.
  • Anyone who want to excel in working through people and execute strategy effectively through people.

Event Calendar:

This Leadership Excellence Workshop is organized in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Fill this contact form to receive event calendar and other relevant details. 

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  • Basics
  • Leadership Excellence Factors
  • Knowledge Workers and Skilled Workers
  • Why your top talent leaves you?
  • Resources

Preparation prior to the participation:

There is no specific preparation required to participate in the workshop, however, participants are encouraged to think through the challenges they face in their workplace that hinders leadership excellence and be prepared to present their success and challenges during the workshop when asked. 

Participants permitted per workshop:

The workshop is designed for an ideal group of 20 participants. The group process and interactions are structured to engage participants in introspecting, thought provoking interactions, practical work through group activities to learn leadership; hence the group size is restricted to 20. Participants will be admitted on the first come first serve basis.

Eligibility criteria for participation:

There is no eligibility criteria for participation, however the organizers reserves the right to refuse admission. All participants must take participant learning expectation survey. An email will be sent to all confirmed participants 4 working days prior to the commencement of the workshop.



Substitute or transfer to an upcoming workshop may be considered only within the fiscal year ending 31st March. 


Refund after deducting service tax, shall be made upon a written request 10 days prior to the program. No  refund will be made there after. 


In case of cancellation of the program by the organizer for whatsoever reason, the maximum cumulative liability cannot exceed the monies received by the organizer.

Leadership Excellence Factors
Knowledge Workers and Skilled Workers
Why your top talent leaves you?